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DT NO.1 DT7 Smart Watch


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Larger Display with a Narrower Frame
The most obvious upgrade that consumers can tell the difference immediately is the screen. The DT NO.I 7 smartwatch upgrades the screen from an already magnificent one of its predecessor, housing a 1.9-inch Retina HD screen with 390*435 pixel resolution, while DT7+ is carrying a 1.8-inch Retina HD screen with 320*385 resolution. In addition to the larger size of the screen, the borderless design will amaze you with how narrow the screen frame is. The larger display enhances the entire experience, making DT NO.I 7 smartwatch easier to use and read.

SOS Emergency Calls
DTNO.I cares about people’s well-being, adding a new feature called SOS Emergency calls to DT NO.I 7. It’s indeed a practical feature that users can make SOS emergency calls immediately by a long-press to the long strip button. Imagine a dangerous and urgent situation where you are longing for help and unable to move due to serious injuries. Then, the feature allows you to connect to the outside by simply squeezing the watch. It would be a life-saving feature when you need it.

Always-on Display
The DT NO.I 7 smartwatch supports always-on display while its predecessors don’t. Thanks to a better chip and advanced algorithm, DT NO.I 7 battery life can last as long as its predecessors, although it puts on the always-on display. The feature informs you of the time whenever you look at it without waiting for the screen to light up or clicking to wake the screen. Moreover, the always-on display interprets the aesthetics of simplicity.


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